Our upcoming group show, “Fall Exhibition” will open on September 16th. In the works on the Third Floor, the artists have used words or phrases to capture in different ways what they hope to express, while on the Second Floor there is a display of various types of works by Lee Ufan from the 70s to the 90s.

Ichihara Hiroko, known for her “Kotoba (phrase) art” that mainly centers on a “Love and Laughter” theme expressed through Japanese script in a plain Gothic font, confronts us this time with one of her installation works produced in 1995 that consists of three separate parts: an outsize ideograph for “mountain” on canvas; the characters for desk, dish and apple on a smaller canvas mounted in a decorative frame; and the ideographs for soil, stone, iron, wood and stainless inscribed on a cube placed within a display case.

All three exhibits are intended to conjure up humorous images of famous paintings or sculptures. Matsuzawa Yutaka, one of the pioneers of conceptual art, gave a live performance in 1984 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Some of his silk screen prints from that venue will be shown in this exhibition. In addition, we are also showing a representative piece from Joseph Kosuth’s series “Titled (Art As Idea As Idea)” as well as an electronic message board by Jenny Holzer and prints by Takamatsu Jiro. The display on the Second Floor consists of, among other items, Lee Ufan’s paintings, hand scroll drawings, “iron” drawings (produced by a burner) and a rare drawing done in chalk on a blackboard. The exhibition will run through November 8th.