Did you know that if you lined up one each of all the animals and plants in the world side by side, every fifth specimen would be a beetle — not just an insect, but specifically a beetle? There are approximately 1.5 million separate species of known insects on the planet and there are still millions more that have yet to be found and catalogued.

And that doesn’t include all the other critters we also group into the informal category known as “bugs," to which people add all sorts of other invertebrates including spiders, centipedes, crabs, slugs and even worms, plus all the many relatives of those creatures. Bugs are all around us and they are an integral part of our world, yet most of us know very little about them. So leave the can of bug spray at home, and come and learn about the mind-boggling diversity of bugs at the Museum’s Insect Zoo. The Insect Zoo, located in the Discovery Center, has been a permanent fixture at the Museum since 1992. Its mission: to educate and inspire wonder about the world of insects and other bugs.

With 9 terrariums that are frequently updated with new specimens, there’s always some new and fascinating creature at the Insect Zoo with an intriguing story waiting to be told. Learn about spiders that can spin silk so strong that humans could produce bulletproof vests from the material and meet beetles that create their own waterproof barriers out of wax. Seek out our knowledgeable staff to answer questions. They can introduce you to some of these magnificent bugs up close and in person. You may even get to touch a bug! Or two!