In the new century everything seems to come back, from the hair styles to the way we dress. We are passing through a moment that recovers what we were in the past and at some point we’re making future by redesigning the old into the new. The political views, the new consumers, the new technologies and the social changes have been part of the culture wave we’re into. At this time we only have the space to create through the past to make it all better, it’s now when everything we once did in the past becomes history to our present. What reflects this wave is all these 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s inspirations we have found on the streets and in the most important fashion houses.

The man has been influenced by the environment through all the history, since the first time when we discovered fire and now that we need new clothes for every seasons, which is one of the important part of the topic, this is why we create and consume, because we’re adapted to a social system that evolves and changes every day, month and year. Making us rethink our existence and pushing us to create by solving new needs. Those new needs have been reflected in our lifes, since all we want is a piece of Andy Warhol or a piece of the pre fall collection of Louis Vuitton. The nostalgic feeling is back to our modern life to remember us what was our past and what we did, what socially used to be and what we are now, this is how all the vintage trends take place to make people buy second hand clothes or imitations of a classic piece of every past decade.

Well known is the fact that every creative has inspirations, which most of the time come from visual contact with any kind of art, this also involves the artist, becoming the motivator of their future creations. Remember the beautiful and futuristic Mondrian dress of YSL (1965), the most iconic and classic dress on the fashion history timeline, this dress shows exactly how our society recreate the past from an important influecer, just like YSL case, the dress was inspired by a beautiful vanguardist and abstract paiting by Piet Mondrian, remastering the past influencer into a new creation.

Another good case to talk about is the coming back 80’s trend of the secretary wearing their formal suits on sneakers, which at that time was a confortable look but it wasn’t seen as classy or elegant, it was just a confort thing. Now with all that coming back trend, the 80’s has come and take place where it should be, on the street. Bringing back the old skirt + sneakers mix to our era, giving it a second time around.

There are millions of trends coming back from our past to redesign themselves and create a new vision of it existence. We will go back to what we made or created to recover it best to learn, to understand and from that point create a new piece that it will bring the best of what we were and what we are. The 90’s has also came from the past to our present, influencing new collections, editorials or campaigns, in this case DKNY did a collection for Open Ceremony and the campaing was influenced by the 90’s look, mixing skirts with over sized t-shirts and crazy hair, accompanied with the energy and the party feeling of that decade.

Some movies have their revival on our generation too, becoming icons for the new creatives to create new collections or campaigns, that’s the case of the last fall campaing of Louis Vuitton, the house has been taking inspirations from all ages and eras. The campaign has a cinematic look, a vintage movie look, similar to Hitchcock’s films aesthetic. Also, H&M and Prada has been passing through projects that take inspirations from the oldest to make the newest, Lana del Rey reinterpreted the classic version of Blue Velvet (David Lynch) for her campaing with H&M, giving a filmographic look to the brand.

The last premiere, The Great Gatsby by PRADA has also fall into the wave of the returns to make sucessful projects and business that take shape thanks to the past. This is an important time, we’re passing through a creative moment and reinventing our future and past, everything we know will be changing, societies and consumers, the next steps are becoming our future.