BoxHeart Gallery presents Kyle Ethan Fischer, Carolyn Pierotti, and Caleb Thimell : Distortion on exhibit in our 2nd floor gallery. Distortion is an exhibition of artwork that explores cognitive human time perception. Linked by memory and attention, our perception of time is fueled by emotion. Any slight change in emotional state affects our sense of time, rushing it forward or grinding it to a hault. The artwork of Kyle Ethan Fischer, Carolyn Pierotti, and Caleb Thimell are journey's into our ability to adapt to the many events of life and capture the multiplicity of time and experience.

A practicing studio and scenic artist in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Kyle Ethan Fischer mimics elemental processes like erosion, deposition, combustion, and cooling in his art making. His sculpture’s structures are attended through the adoption of various man made grids like antique needlework, bead work, chicken wire, or diagrams of nano-tubes, military weapons, and silica. He maps a subjective temporal experience for the viewer based on collective information.

Carolyn Pierotti's primary focus is on the internal turmoil that women face with physicality, career, and motherhood; and how this manifests externally. A celebration of all facets of the female form, Pierotti paints what it is to be a woman. She has been creating these "celebrations" of women for the past two years. While most of her figurative images are a celebration, some images are haunting, and are a direct reflection of her feelings of insecurity and loneliness as a female artist. There is an underlying story behind each layer of paint - a story of something that was happening that moment in her life.

Caleb Thimell's subjects are taken from a wide range of sources including old photographs of celebrity icons, classical Greek statues, and stills from black and white films. These sources serve as a vehicle to explore dramatic lighting technique with pencil and ink that he employs to create mood. He aims to recreate the subject he references by deliberately distorting the image.

Kyle Ethan Fischer, Carolyn Pierotti, and Caleb Thimell : Distortion will be on exhibit from November 21st, 2017 through January 12, 2018 in BoxHeart’s 2nd floor gallery. The exhibition coincides with our main gallery exhibit, PGH10. The reception with the artists will be held Saturday, November 25th from 5 to 8 pm. It is free and open to the public.