J. Cacciola Gallery W is pleased to announce the opening of Boundless: The Abstract Landscapes of Carole Pierce on view at 35 Mill St, Bernardsville, NJ from October 27 through November 28, 2017. The public is invited to attend an opening reception on October 27 from 6 to 8 pm.

In Boundless, Carole Pierce’s landscape images bring us into that transcendent space between what we see and what we feel. In her vision, the landscape is all. No human form is depicted. And yet, humanity is present: in Pierce as the witness and interpreter of the natural world, and in the emotion shared between the imagery and the viewer, a silent conversation of pure feeling. Born and raised in Dallas, Carole Pierce experienced from an early age the open, dramatic sky of her native Texas, a vast expanse of constant changes of mood, color, light, serenity and power, affecting the solid landscape below, permeating them with emotion and spirit. In her vision, physical entities breathe as if feeling.

Pierce doesn’t come at this idea only through esoteric experience, but as an adept artist, with the finely tuned skill and discipline art requires. Her ability to see into the soul of nature is made manifest in the finesse with which she balances compositional elements, colors and light, and with the expertise with which she handles the brush.

Pierce’s extraordinary body of work has been honored with awards, articles in important publications, and significant exhibitions across the country. Her works are represented in the collections of Louis Auchincloss, the Bill and Melinda Gates Collection, Harvard University, New York’s Morgan Library, Merrill Lynch, and numerous other collections of distinction.

J. Cacciola Gallery W is honored to present the work of this distinguished artist. The exhibition, “Boundless: The Abstract Landscapes of Carole Pierce,” will indeed afford the viewer the experience of seeing the landscape and feeling the landscape in the same moment.