Are you looking forward to Halloween but fed up with the same creepy-themed costumes? It’s true, spooky-themed parties are not always fun. Especially when you do it over and over for the nth time. This year, let’s veer away from the conventional. Let’s explore some Halloween costume ideas that are wholesome enough for every age group.

Although its origin may be about scaring ghosts away, Halloween has evolved with time. Other cultures have adapted a bit of the Celts’ tradition and made their own versions, too. And so should we! With a bit of ingenuity, we can veer away from those ugly costumes this year. And let’s see how it would go.

If you don’t have time to create your own statement, here are some tips for head-turner costumes. You might want to check them out at the nearest stores or online. But you can also devise your own from these samples. Be who you’ve once fantasized to be at some points of your life - without being called a weirdo!

What to wear this Halloween

Six days more to go and it’s Halloween! Wear any of these outfits and be a standout in the party! You may also wear it in your trick or treat foray around the neighborhood.

Wonder Woman look. This outfit would surely make heads turn. Just as the action-filled movie smashed the box office. Pretend to be Diana, the Wonder Woman! The sexy heroine’s iconic outfit is never a passé.

Angel. You don’t have to spend much on this costume. If you have an all-white dress, you only need to find a halo and wings - and you’re ready to fly! I’m pretty sure many would be awestruck at the sight of an angel in you!

Noah’s Ark. Here’s another Christian-themed costume. If you come in groups, pair up as animals aboard the Biblical vessel. There are animal costumes available in many stores and online shops. You just have to use face paint to bring out the animal in you. Or, if you are artistic, you may print the animals on t-shirts. Isn’t it fun to go trick-or-treating in groups?

Whiskey bottle. How about a whiskey bottle for a costume? For sure, there would pour out a lot of drinks during the night. Pretend you are one walking whiskey. Whether you come in solo or with a partner, you’ll be a standout in the party.

Baywatch outfit. Let everyone look up to the lifeguard of the night. Its scanty and elegant but not vulgar.

Disney-themed princess. Be who your favorite Disney character this time. Show them the princess that you have been dreaming of. Without fear of being called a weirdo!

These are but few of the many options to wear. Just let your creative juices flow. By moving away from those scary outfits, I believe we can make Halloween a wholesome occasion for everyone. No child will be traumatized by a bloody mask anymore.

So, see you all on October 31!