With the beginning of the Fashion Week, it also began a marathon (literally) of which the first stop was the IQOS Embassy, where it was on schedule the opening of the amazing Nohow concept store. The host of the event was the fabulous Mariano Di Vaio, the man admired by millions of people for his impeccable style. Well known for his blog, MDV Style, but also a world renown writer, model, actor, fashion designer, full time family guy and guess what?! He just launched this summer his hit single named Wait For Me. In a conversation with Djordje Bukvic he reveals to us few insights on style and his new concept store.

What was the primary idea behind the Nohow Concept Store?

Since the inception of the brand, nobody could see and feel the products. No one could know how the materials and the sizing fitted before purchasing the items. With this concept store the costumers have the opportunity to touch the product in real life and since people believed in me from the beginning, we wanted to create a place where they could feel the quality and tell me if it's really bad or really good.

To which kind of men this concept dedicated to?

I want to say for everyone. But it's probably more for people who really love fashion. My grandpa would rock this collection, as well as my dad.. but there are items for every flavour and taste, a bit for everyone. That the reason why I created a team that gives me their opinion and feedbacks. I'm usually more directed towards a rock n' roll style and slightly harder, while the guys surrounding me have a classier approach.

You travel very often, especially to Los Angeles. How much does it influence your personal style? Do you find it inspiring to mix different styles with the Italian, classic and sophisticated look?

It's not easy, somehow I'm constantly mixing the Italian with the LA style, but also I take a lot of inspiration from Britain, because I was living in London for sometime. The outcome of that melange is something really cool, and the reason why I think guys are loving my style. I try not to focus only on my Italian roots, as being focused on one thing, one look, could easily become boring, you always need to keep changing. Experimenting and trying new things is really important, so yes, I am definitely inspired by my travels.

Recently we had the chance to read about your beginnings and life in London on your Instagram profile. Could you ever dream of what you accomplished thus far?

Honestly, I never had a clear vision. I was always hoping for something better, hoping to get somewhere, but didn't know where. This is much more than I expected, much more than I was dreaming of.