"Goran Djurovic is the painter of pitch-black reality. He has figures stand, sit, look and wait in scenes straight out of the Theatre of the Absurd. Or else he has them perform inexplicable, at first sight seemingly pointless actions. Human beings in Djurovic's world can be isolated and alone, trapped like insects in amber.

Yet just as often they are swept up in the crowd, which in some cases of appears reassuring, but often menacing too. Djurovic is the painter of the metaphor: in scenes that frequently play out on a theatre stage, he depicts the tragicomedy of life and the absurdity of existence. He is the painter-philosopher of existentialism now. Like a merciless director and brilliant puppeteer, he confronts his figures with the Big Nothing: they are attracted by enticing, deceiving light but are actually en route to ineluctable darkness. And yet, every now and then, there is a flicker of hope in his paintings.

Goran Djurovic was born in 1952 in Belgrade, the capital then of Yugoslavia, now of Serbia. He studied painting between 1975 and 1980 at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in Dresden. The artist has lived and worked for some years now in Berlin."