The Piermont Straus Gallery is presenting an overview of the work of Jacques Jarrige from September 24, 2017 until October 22.

Duchamp established that in every aesthetic experience, the viewer is assigned a constitutive role and that [the viewer] thus adds a contribution to the creative act.

French artist Jacques Jarrige’s work over the last thirty years has always focused on the dialogue around the relation of person to object. In all of his endeavors from sculpture, to design and fabrication of objects for the home, to independent artistic interventions; he has sought to find a balance between the disparate qualities of artist, viewer, and object.

His current exploration of the radical idea of placing the desires of the object first — bifurcates concepts of use and pleasure — bringing a new structure of participation to the exchange of time spent by viewer and object in tandem with the recognition of the other.

The Piermont Straus Gallery in conjunction with the Valerie Goodman Gallery presents a expression of this new dialog in an attempt to reconfigure the semantics of creation, experience, and object-ness. Mounting an examination based selection of drawings, images, miniatures, and kinetic sculpture by Jacques Jarrige; the gallery will create a space for the viewer to reclaim their place in the reformulated triarchy that will define new art for the coming century.