Tyrannosaurus rex is the superstar among dinosaurs. Between 1902 and today, around 50 specimens have been discovered in North America, none of them complete. The Museum für Naturkunde now exhibits one of the best-preserved skeletons worldwide. Of approximately 300 bones, 170 have been preserved, which puts it in third position.

Tristan Otto – the sons of the two owners lent their names to T. rex – will be available to the Museum für Naturkunde free of charge for the coming years for research and exhibition purposes. It originates from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and was discovered in 2010. Its recovery and preservation took four years.

Since January 2015, the Museum has been working intensely on the exhibition and research programs focusing on the future crowd-puller that will be accessible to all visitors from 17/12/2015. At the same time, research on Tristan Otto will be ongoing, using cutting-edge technologies. Over the coming years, research results will be gradually fed into the exhibition.

The work on exhibition and research concept gave rise to a companion book that is available in the museum's shop.