Get lost in a massive mirror maze and explore the mathematical patterns of the natural world—from the nested spirals of a sunflower’s seeds, to the ridges of a mountain range, to the layout of the Universe.

Out the window, through a microscope, or in the mirror—patterns surround us. They form the veins of a leaf, the spiral of a nautilus, and the spots on a giraffe. Patterns inspire us as we create or build things, and they teach us how to predict the unknown. In A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature, learn how math is used to unlock the mysteries and majesty of the patterns of our world through a series of engaging interactive elements and immersive experiences.

At the center of this stunning new exhibit, lose yourself in an elaborate 1700-square-foot mirror maze. As you navigate your way through a seemingly infinite repeating pattern of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, challenge yourself to discover how geometry, tessellations, and repetitions are the building blocks of the world around you—and how they may reveal the world’s most hidden secrets.

Warning: The Mirror Maze contains an LED lighting system that creates geometrical shapes through reflections and may affect photosensitive individuals.