Follow the path of water — Florida’s most precious resource — as it flows through northwest Florida habitats, from limestone caves and springs to the Gulf of Mexico.

Immerse yourself in a full-scale recreation of a hammock forest, and find more than 50 different plants and animals from high in the trees to the forest floor.

Experience what it is like to be inside a northwest Florida cave. While exploring, learn about minerals, hydrology, cave life and the fossils in its limestone layers.

A life-size bog showcases northwest Florida’s amazing diversity of carnivorous pitcher plants, which thrive in this low-nutrient environment by trapping and digesting insects.

Travel back in time along the Apalachicola River to a Native American trading scene set in 1300 A.D., when northwest Florida was a major political and cultural crossroads.

Explore the beauty and challenges of northwest Florida’s extensive tidal marshes and barrier islands, where salt-tolerant plants and other residents deal with constantly changing conditions.