Within "Summer Show: Part II" Voloshyn Gallery will present the curator project ''The Borders of Materiality. The Materialization of Sense’’ which suggests the participation of 11 authors: Victor Arefiev, Yuriy Sivirin, Vitaliy Makoviy, C. Rabinovich, Ignat Solomko, Kinder Album, Pivnyky Time, Sergiy Ignatenko, Ivan Denysenko, Andriy Sydorenko, Fedir Alexandrovich.

In this project the curtor Oleksiy Timofeev discourses of the border of sense and if a piece of art can exist beyond the material outer shell: “The process of transferring senses in space establishes the limits to form, which encloses it inside, in such a way specifying spatial param- eters for each single sense. The borders of the sense of the material world are outlined by means of a container, whereas in the ideal world they outstretch far away from the limits of the physical shell. The creation itself – is a container and environment of a sense and provides inter- twinement of the material and the ideal, because from one side it owns specific qualities and from the other side it leaves for the immensity of the transcendental, attract- ing a spectator to follow”.

Simply speaking, when we convey a piece of art, usually we put it into a cardboard package, which is supposed to fit exactly the transported work, in such a way the sense of this work gains personal borders of enclosure, and the cardboard from the package materializes into separate sense, turning into the very crea- tion. The idea is illustrated by presented at the exhibition the figure of a cardboard legionnaire, which used to be actually a package, after transfiguration became the container of the sense.

According to the reflections of Oleksiy Timofeev, there are three forms of the existence of the sense: material, nonmaterial and provisional. Provisional form is the creation itself.

Next, as we have already defined, the first appearance of the sense in the material world is a package box filled with artistic works. And the opposite to such manifestation of the sense is its ability to exist in our consciousness, skipping the material form as such. At the exhibition this form is well expressed by empty boxes. A spectator will be able to get acquainted with a name and a description of a painting or an object attached near, and to imagine after looking into the box what dimensions could be covered in space, but still it is just a pure sense, since the works aren’t presented in physical form.

So we are approaching to the following questions: “Is it necessary for artistic work to actually exist in the real world or it can be virtual that is enough to be self-sufficient piece of art? Is the so-called “box” really needed as material container of the creative idea?”

The exhibition ''The Borders of Materiality. The Materialization of Sense’’ really offers food for thought provided by different media: videos, objects, installations, sculptures, fine art.