On August 22 Casa Nova inaugurates the project "Postcards from Brazil", by the artist Pernambucano Gilvan Barreto, in the design room of Casa Nova, contemplated by the Marc Ferrez Award for Photography 2017.

"Postcards from Brazil" is a kind of atlas of national violence promoted by the Brazilian military dictatorship. Maps in landscape images that served as scenery for torture, murder and concealment of corpses. It is said that 434 people were fatal victims of the military regime. The great majority of these crimes had the nature as the scene of the murders. The natural landscape, great national showcase, hides deep marks of government crimes. A wild paradise by nature itself. The work uses as a source the recently released report of the National Truth Commission (CNV). The postcards deal with emblematic cases occurring throughout the national territory. Some of these sights were massively publicized through Embratur. Created by the dictatorship in 1966, Embratur had the function of improving the image of the military regime abroad. Part of the images presented in this project is the result of the appropriation of photos of Embratur's own image banks and other official tourism bodies. Each cut taken from the postcards represents at least one person who was killed in each landscape.

It will also present the video "O Guarani" (6'17 "), which talks about institutional violence in Brazil, especially against indigenous peoples. While the record player plays the opera adapted by Carlos Gomes in 1870, a blood-red liquid floods the disc and distorts the sound of this national classic. The song is the theme of A Voz do Brasil, state radio broadcast of mandatory broadcasting. Created in 1935, it is the oldest radio program in the Southern Hemisphere. It served as an instrument of governmental publicity for the Estado Novo and subsequent dictatorial governments. The work gains here a version specially created for this video.