Confronted and intrigued by this engaging work that is anything but childlike, we are compelled to consider our own feelings and attitudes while we are being cognoscente of our own interpretation.

Given the opportunity to explore the past 36 years of art-making on Kaua`i, Britt brings to life the cast of his time-honored characters and themes in cardboard, collage, acrylic and found objects. "This has been one of the most exciting reviews of materials, icons and also ideals that now are put to new rules,” Britt says, adding, “This body of work is all new. Hope that you can feel it."

French uses the power of a single figure to convey strong emotions through supersized works on paper which tower over the viewer. Bringing to life a slice of her own life, in “Cloud & Frenchie” she introduces us to her chicken, Cloud "...named for my favorite white laying hen, Cloud. She was given her name by my grand daughter, who named the others, Chair and Couch," states French. “Sausage Butt” is largely concerned with immediate rewards and temptation, personifying a desire to confront conflict with avoidance, while “Muff” addresses a generational problem with communication.

Three project rooms featuring Chris Atkinson, Eli Baxter, A.Kimberlin Blackburn, Doug Britt, Sharon Britt, Kathleen Adair Brown, CP- 37, Margaret Ezekiel, Jeremy Dean, Hi Suk Dong, Sally French, Roberta Griffith, Ben Kikuyama, David Kuraoka, Tom Lieber, Ante Mandaric, Deyana Mielke, Bruna Stude, Wayne Zebzda.