Educated at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Don Joint has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1992. His work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Art in America, The Observer, Art News, and The Paris Review. Joint's works are in the collections of the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Oklahoma Museum of Art, the Akron Art Museum, and the Toledo Museum of Art.

His masterly mixed-media collages follow a painterly exploration of Ekphrasis, a rhetorical device in which one work of art tries to relate to another work in a different medium. Joint does this by defining and describing the inspiration’s essence and form, and in doing so, relating it more directly to a contemporary audience.

Specifically, Joint’s initial inspiration evolved from John Keats’s poem "Ode on a Grecian Urn." In 1819, Keats was inspired by the Grecian Urn to write his famous poem that has influenced numerous poets and artists over the years. Joint feels that ekphrasis gives the artist the basis of inspiration in another’s creative endeavors. This approach frees him to refine and go beyond merely an “homage” to another work of art. “My challenge is to create works of art inspired by classical themes and compositions and thereby create a new expression that relates to current contemporary culture.”

As an artist matures their intellect and style grow and evolve. Mr. Joint’s current creativity is a synthesis of Art History, the art which he has created and his life experiences. In arguably charged times, many of his series bring levity and color to otherwise distressing days. Specifically, Joint revisits many of his childhood memories through Ekphrasis and mixed media collage in Waldameer, Fishing for Knick Knacks, Coney Island Blue Prints and his entire Ekphrasis series. In Uncle Wiggly Blows Up the World, Joint continues to bring whimsical twists to historic events and daily life. Joint will always challenge your eye, brighten your day and help you find joy.