Nine features the artists who took part in the Queens Museum studio program between 2015 and 2017. Although the artists were selected as individuals, certain ideas link the work in this exhibition. In the first gallery, Andrew Beccone, Chris Bogia, Karolina Sobecka, and Alina Tenser each reenvision objects from the realm of learning and display to ask questions about the limitations of the body and of knowledge.

In the second gallery, formal issues in artmaking—such as surface, dimension, monumentality, movement, and material—mix with questions of identity in works by ruby onyinyechi amanze, Gloria Maximo, Denniston Mikalson, Tuo Wang, and Bryan Zanisnik. In the case of almost all of the artists, the artworks on view were made while they were part of the Studio Program.

Parallel to the Studio Program exhibition, collaborative presentations and performances will be presented by the current cohort of Social Practice Queens. Students in Social Practice Queens (part of the Queens College/ Queens Museum MFA program) share a studio at the Queens Museum. Collaborative presentations and performances arose out of the current cohort and will be presented parallel to Nine.