Sensory Spaces is a series of commissioned solo projects presented in the Willem van der Vorm Gallery, located in the freely accessible exhibition space in the museum’s entrance hall. Artists are invited to respond to the architectural qualities of the space, emphasizing notions of transformation and surprise.

For the eleventh edition of the Sensory Spaces series Raphael Hefti (born in Switzerland in 1978, lives and works in London and Zurich) will present a site-specific installation.

Hefti's work is experimental, it utilizes chemical and technical processes with industrial equipment in order to discover new things. His work includes many aspects; nature and industry, abstraction and figuration. Hefti often works with engineers, scientists and even dogs with the aim of developing an unexpected beautiful form.

For this edition of Sensory Spaces Raphael Hefti changes the exhibition space of the museum into an active, experimental open field. He makes a space filling installation stimulating the visitor's senses, inspired by the harbour in Rotterdam.

His work is being exhibited for the first time in the Netherlands.