In Berlin the franco-german art curator Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer introduces his most recent exhibition discussing the actual state of human kind in the universal context. A stimulating philosophical quest through society, space and time.

Beginning with the Big Bang, matter hurls through the endless depths of the universe. For human perception, the explosion is spreading in super slow motion, constantly redefining our extended habitat. We are now sitting on one of the microparticles of this gigantic eruption: Human beings on the Earth – as a testimony of the sap of our home planet. And also as a surrogate of a natural evolution of flora and fauna. We are charged with the love and strength that life has given us, but detached from the true life and survival concept of our Mother Earth. Nature has allowed us to disregard and destroy it, our own foundation of existence. It has allowed us to dive into an emotional tunnel full of fears and violence. As if this were the condition for reaching a higher consciousness. A conciousness that enables us to achieve a technological and spiritual viability for a life on other planets? A call to the stars? The human as a pollinator of other planets? The answer to nature’s enormous pursuit of expansion beyond the hemisphere? If we want to fulfill this given mission, we have to become one with our origins and re-integrate ourselves into the systems and logics of nature, which the animal and plant world never lost. Our current evolutionary step is to be. To be in us first, to free ourselves from our inner conflicts and to create an empathic capacity based on being. The selected works by five artists in this exhibition deal with various positions on current states of being:

In her performative, abstract paintings, Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks deals with themes of space, time and matter, the subcutaneous power of the planet and universal eruptions. Her work is about creating awareness for the forces and texture of our planet. Californian painter Kevin Earl Taylor hovers subtly at the crossroads between the animal world and the human world in his classical, figurative style. A mystic-spiritual aura accompanies the dialogue between the species. Anneliese Schrenk uses discarded cow hides from luxury leather production for her works of art stretched on frames. The results are minimalist and painterly, charged with political statement. The smell, haptic and aura of living creatures are palpable. Transformed into works of art, the hides call out to deeper-lying senses. In her video work from 2014 "What Are You Fishing For?", Annina Roescheisen documents her intimate self-healing journey to free herself from dark fears and traumas. Her latest abstract paintings can be seen as a counterplan, reflecting a liberated, light and healthy soul. A process from being gripped by psychological escapism to being in the moment. In the here and now. Berlin painter Hoosen documents the irritating facets of our existence drawing on the style of Berlin milieu painting of the 1920s. The dark side of human society. A humorous capitalism critique and a portrait of psychosocial grievances amongst the party people of Ibiza and Sylt.

“Das DaSein” covers different aspects of today's being and invites you to meditate and discuss the state of the here and now.