“Nullmethode“ is the second solo exhibition by Lennart Grau with Circle Culture in Berlin and comprises paintings from the artist's most recent body of work. In his specific way of painting which is characterised by an almost brutal use of color, letting the figurative subjects literally dissolve, Lennart Grau describes scenes of travelling and jauntily amusement.

The protagonists in Grau's current work have left their everyday life behind for a while: in front of indicated landscapes we see them hiking, climbing mountains or spending the night outdoors. Others are enjoying a swim in the cool water, drifting on inflated water toys, or jumping into the water. In a way, the images contrast with works of earlier series that tell stories of wealth, power and abundance by using provocative kitschy landscape motifs, lush still lifes or portraits of rulers and heroes in exaggerated poses and richly decorated interiors. As opposed to these, the new works convey a certain introversion. The depicted figures seem secluded, they turn away from the viewer to let their gaze wander into the distance, to search for direction or to devote themselves to their actions. Instead of immersing themselves into flamboyancy, they only have the bare necessities, partially freed completely from their clothing in order to let go.

A recurrent point of reference in Grau's work is the questioning after our society's desires. While revealing the pursuit of prosperity, dominance and acknowledgement in earlier works, the new works address the shift away from abundance and focus on the notion of striving towards freedom, informality, self-fulfillment and closeness to nature.