We do have prejudiced perception. I do use that to make up gentle reminders of how we could form up reality.

(James Turrell)

Häusler Contemporary München proudly presents the first work from James Turrell’s »Perceptual Cells« series. »Alien Exam« of 1989 is an artistic experimental set-up for everyone’s individual perception and provides viewers with the experience of seeing as such. In addition, we first show in Munich the rare unique inkjet-prints »From the Guggenheim, Aten Reign« that resulted from Turrell’s large-scale light installation at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York in 2013.

Many viewers were surprised when James Turrell presented his »Percetpual Cells« series in the 1990s: the architectural capsules with their scientific or science-fictional touch seemed very different from the large-scale atmospheric light spaces and projections for which the artist is widely known. As a matter of fact, the »Perceptual Cells« are based on researches from the field of psychology of perception which Turrell had intensely pursued in the 1960s.

The works allow for one person at a time to enter unknown states of one’s own vision. In a precisely calculated, small-scale »Ganzfeld« each viewer experiences how the eye generates individual color gradients and patterns that do not actually exist.