R. Alexander presents Coastal Dreaming, the upcoming group exhibition featuring seaside imagery. On view will be works by artists including Marc Esteve, Eustaquio Segrelles, Frane Mlinar, Alfredo Navarro, Pietro Piccoli, and the Pedrosa brothers, all of whom offer unique interpretations of water scenes. The show will be on display at R. Alexander from June 23rd to July 28th, 2017.

Spanish artist Marc Esteve showcases the dramatic coasts of the Mediterranean. His paintings energize viewers with depictions of waves dramatically crashing into rocky coasts and jagged seashores. His hyper-realist technique achieves a nearly photographic level in naturalism which transports his audience across place and time.

Eustaquio Segrelles invites viewers into his Impressionistic world of fishermen working on sunny beaches and woman weaving baskets. Bueno presents a wide array of coastal landscapes with his signature use of thickly textured impasto paint to elegantly capture the relationship between the ocean and those that rely upon it for subsistence. His meticulously developed style showcases his artistic expertise in en plein air, or the method of painting outdoors.

In contrast to realistic depictions of the ocean, painter Frane Mlinar plays with our perception of reality with his water imagery. Using trompe l’oeil tactics he tricks viewers into perceiving three-dimensional objects, such as a painting of a boat floating in calm waters appearing to be scotch taped onto another painting of tumultuous waves. Mlinar’s use of color and light harmonizes the realist technique with surrealist theory. Whether depicted realistically or conceptually, these artists invite viewers to experience the ocean in a new way and find themselves dreaming of the coast.