The William Sharpless Jackson Jr. Gallery provides visitors with the opportunity to explore particular aspects of Asian art in greater depth. It features changing exhibitions drawn from the museum's extensive holdings and guest exhibitions from other Asian art collections.

Displays of bamboo art from China, Japan, and Korea are shown in the Walter + Mona Lutz Gallery, a space dedicated exclusively for artwork made of bamboo. The Lutz Bamboo Collection became a family love affair, and the Denver Art Museum is the fortunate recipient of more than 900 gifts from three generations of the Lutz family—Walter and Mona, Tina and Michael Chow, Adelle Lutz and David Byrne, China Chow, Maximilian Chow, and Malu Byrne.

The Bj Averitt Gallery features art from Southwest Asia, including examples from the Anatolian and Arabian peninsulas, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia. Objects in the gallery represent many millennia of art, beginning with the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, and following the flourishing and growth of Islam to the present day. Regions where this culture spread, such as Africa, Southern Europe, and Southeast Asia, also are represented.