Lora Schlesinger Gallery is proud to present Embedded, a new series of paintings by Laura Karetzky. The show is her fifth solo exhibition at Lora Schlesinger Gallery.

Laura Karetzky’s Embedded examines how we communicate in the digital age. Through the use of multiple layers of transparent paint and obsessive mark-making Karetzky recreates cyber exchanges, inviting the viewer to reconsider perspective and the way information travels via text message, Face Time, or social media.

Through the screen, she finds herself placed behind her interlocutor’s eyes, seeing herself looking at him, looking back. The paintings comprise a visual diary that surveys the space between human relationships as they strive to stay connected over all kinds of distances. Starting with captured images from real exchanges on her iPhone, she looks for a convergence of intersections between disparate narratives as they embed themselves in one another digitally, creating new conversations. The limited color palette abstracts the dialog between two separate images, stitching together information, and accentuating the impressions of shapes so that what one sees is both familiar and strange. The paintings are self referential, chronical is reversed, and the medium returns to the historic or hand-made.

Laura Karetzky’s work has been displayed at Arte Laguna in Venice, Italy and at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. She is a recipient of two Yaddo Colony Artist Residency fellowships, The Martin and Lorraine Kaminsky Residency at Mana Contemporary, and a Rotunda Gallery/BCAT Artist Residency. Karetzky has received awards of distinction from the Silvermine Guild, in New Canaan CT, The Eric Fischl award of distinction from the New York Academy of Art, and The Milton and Sally Michel Avery Endowed Residency for Visual Arts at Yaddo. Her education includes: degrees from Carnegie-Mellon University (BFA) and the New York Academy of Figurative Art (MFA), and training from the School of Visual Arts, The New York Studio School, Rhode Island School of Design, and extensive study in Florence Italy.