The exhibition, The City is Ours, sits at the heart of City Now City Future, a year-long season of exhibitions, creative commissions, large-scale public events, talks and debates which will tackle the questions:

How and why are our cities transforming?

What are urban communities around the world doing to improve city life?

How can you participate in shaping your cities today and in the future?

The City is Ours invites visitors to explore the pleasures and challenges of urban living through a range of digital and physical interactives and films. The exhibition highlights ways in which individuals, communities and governments are working to improve city life, from reducing food waste, to creating cleaner air and better transport systems.

Originally created by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, this is the first exhibition at the Museum of London to be presented in both English and French. The exhibition is split into three sections – Urban Earth, Cities Under Pressure and Urban Futures – and will be spread across three gallery spaces.