Garvey|Simon is pleased to present Daisy Craddock: Summer Produce, an exhibition of oil pastel diptychs fresh from the studio, by Daisy Craddock. Her subjects’ flavors and fragrances can be sensed right away, and though these works appear to be minimalist squares of color from a distance, they are decidedly realist in nature.

With skin on the left and flesh on the right, the diptychs display a subtle yet detailed complexity that is created from layers of scumbled and polished oil pastels and oil sticks. Whether from a farmstand upstate or a neighboring city deli, the fleeting nature of each edible specimen is palpable in Craddock’s delicate surfaces.

Her palette ranges from the rich purple of eggplant beside its smoky green-tinged ivory flesh, to the striated greens of watermelon with a juicy gradated pink interior. The exhibition explores the full range of nature’s color spectrum with an immediacy that both activates the senses and conveys a modernist nostalgia.

This is Craddock’s seventeenth show in New York City and third solo show with Garvey|Simon. It is also marks the first time Craddock has included a selection of her small preparatory studies in oil pastel and oil stick. These will be on display in the secondary gallery as an intimate peek into the artist’s process.