Plus One Gallery is pleased to present the solo show of gallery artist Christian Marsh. The exhibition titled ‘The Art of Travel’ is on display from 14th June until 8th July.

The exhibition will include two new paintings featuring Miami and Nice, as well as older works also based on his travels around the world. Marsh strives to capture the experience of his time abroad and the personal connection he feels with each place. He aims to recreate the atmosphere of each location through his paintings and aims to communicate this to his audience.

Exciting, enlightening and welcoming. I hope that the paintings do not just replicate a scene but capture the essence and life within that scene and give the viewer a sense of feeling what it’s like to be actually there

His choice to paint in a hyper-realistic style is very deliberate; this approach allows Marsh to include every intricate detail, making each small fragment of his paintings as important as the rest – creating scenes within scenes. The inclusion of figures within his work is also very important to Marsh. He incorporates human presence to generate subtle narrative, helping to establish the overall atmosphere, as well as building a sense of familiarity and interaction between the viewer and the painting. It is due to the artists meticulous techniques and direct intentions, along with his beautiful rendition of light and compositional quality, that enable him to produce paintings that really can be named the art of travel.

[I aim to explore] the relationships between me and my experiences abroad. A reaction to that environment, the light, the people and the essence and the feeling of that particular location

"Christian Marsh"