Tom Martin is inextricably precise in his approach, and utilizes digital imagery for his raw material. His work holds a level of accuracy that screams ‘exactitude’: it carries photographic representation further than a mere camera could ever do.

Recent work by Tom Martin is an exploration of the idea that we are controlled by money. ‘Money Makes the World go Round’ is an acute metaphor for his paper money globes.

Words from the artist: ‘The more I thought about it the more it rings true. Money does control us all to some extent in this modern world. All too easy to lose sight of what is more important. To analyse the title of my show, a ‘perpetual motion’ machine is self-driven, a closed self-sustaining system. For too long the banks were thought of in this way, which ultimately led to their collapse in recent times.’

Tom Martin was born in 1986, studied in art schools and university art departments in Rotherham and Huddersfield. He is represented by Plus One Gallery since 2008.

Perceptive comment on the quality and character of his work from art critic and historian John Russell Taylor: ‘Martin’s paintings, devised with the aid of many photographs, welded together and re-imagined with considerable virtuosity, brings him close to the early pre-Raphaelite painters. His subject matter could not be more remote from their leaves and flowers, of seeing more than the human eye, or than any camera lens, could ever see in one go.

Plus One Gallery recently moved to magnificent new premises, on several levels, a space full of light and air, in the vast development at Battersea Reach, which is helping to regenerate the area. It is widely recognised as the showplace for hyperrealism from all over the world. Its stock is art from the best of the original American photorealists, as well as work from artists based in Europe, Latin America and the Far East. The gallery has remained pure in its endeavours to promote hyperrealism in all its many aspects, has become a destination point for artists and collectors alike.