New Image Art is pleased present an exhibition in the main gallery with Los Angeles-based painter Mtendere Mandowa (pronounced “ten-de-ra”, Chichewa for “Peace”) or Teebs as he is better known.

Teebs was born in the Bronx, New York of Malawi and Barbados origins and is an music producer, painter, and contributing member of the noted LA-based Brainfeeder record label. His paintings often reflect his music production: collaging, overlapping, and mixing imagery with painted gestures to create a meditative and abstract visual landscape.

The work emanates a sense of organic appeal with feelings of warmth and movement coalescing. At times the works seem overgrown with organic shapes bending and folding atop one another while at other times the compositions remain sparse and refined.

The paintings in this exhibition draw direct inspiration from his blossoming relationship with his one-year-old daughter, Aya and are a direct reflection of her new experiences as imagined by Teebs.