Yuz Museum is honored to present Zhou Li’s solo exhibition “Shadow of the Wind” from February 25th, 2017. It is also a new beginning for the artist to do the first solo exhibition in the museum after more than 10 years of thinking, exploration and self-challenging since her last solo exhibition at National Art Museum of China in 2001. As an artist working in different media, Zhou Li has attracted close attention of the Chinese contemporary art scene. This exhibition will concentrate on her new abstract paintings of the past two years. In the rectangular hall of nearly 1000 square meters, the paintings and the installed sound will build a spatial field based on the heart as the core of the exhibition. This exhibition will be open to the public from February 25th to June 4th, 2017.

Rather than seeing them as still images, the lines and spaces in Zhou’s works keep moving and changing their senses of distance, led by flowing powers. The overall rhythms, the textures of the lines and the micro world opened by details form together different layers of visions. Therefore, the audience can’t stay in a fixed distance to see them all – the deeper explorations may begin in a close stare, or from far away.

Above all other methods, Zhou questions her own heart before every move in her arts, embracing the truth of life and the daily reality. She emphasizes the irreplaceable places of the humanity, the emotion, and the inner order. The beauty of her works is dignified and elegant, as it comes from her focus on the philosophy of mind and explorations of the inner conscience itself. The works are born from illogical perceptions before forming a new logic based on the inner world. This can be seen as one of the most important wisdom inherited from the ancient Chinese.

Since the legend of Pan Gu, creator of the universe in Chinese mythology, the arts in China know the lines for expressions of extreme obscure and beauty. Zhou Li sees her art through the drastic impacts of contemporary thoughts, while staying loyal to her own experiences and mind. Responding to the deepest harmony in the culture with her own real memory, she combines tenderness and strength in her works, and opens a new gate for the vision with lines, profiles and rhythms.

Zhou Li was born in 1969 in Hunan Province, China. After graduated in 1991 from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, department of oil painting, she moved to France and lived there before coming back to China in 2003. Since then, she lives and works in Shenzhen. Her works include paintings in mixed media and installations. Freed from the limitations of materials, she persists in the development of personal aesthetics and thinking on arts. Reasonable romance and bold elegance can both be seen in her works. Her exploration in boundaries of contemporary aesthetics shows loving care for culture and humanity. In her works, the warmly touching details have been pushed towards the vision by this kind of power. Her important solo exhibitions include: “World Inside Windows”, National Museum of Art China, Beijing, 2001; “World Inside Windows – Remembrances”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2001; “World Inside Windows”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, 1998 and etc. Her important group exhibitions include: “The world is yours, as well as ours”, White Cube, London, 2016; “Too Loud a Solitude: Stalkers of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2016; “From East to West” – Parallel Event of the 56th Biennial of Venice, Venice, 2015; “Collection of Contemporary Art”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, 2013; “The Spirit”, OCAT, Shenzhen, 2007 and etc.