I am with all kinds of workouts. I don't believe that aerobics are lame or that CrossFit is just another fad. A workout is a workout and it's just a matter of commitment to a lifestyle that will change your life and your perception of yourself.

At some point in my life, I was actually a bit on the chubby side. I did not like how I looked in the mirror, and despised the feeling whenever my jeans didn't fit me the way they should. Go figure, a teenager with a additional weight around the waste and chest would surely be the butt of a few jokes; talk about the awkwardness of high school. However, as I started becoming more and more aware of what sports can do to your body, I plunged head-first into the world of fitness, sorting good tips from bad ones by trial and error - with mistakes causing me pain beyond anything I have ever felt, so this article might save a bit of your sanity along the fitness path.

So here I am writing from my desk, feeling the need to go for a jog or hit the weight racks just because I love it and I feel this commitment to a healthier life. The chair is too hot, the air is stuffy and the humming computers are about to drive me nuts. I work in an open space where every single breath is shared and every single dust mote is shared (not that the place is dirty, not at all) unleashing waves of allergies among the 25+ people around me. So the only solution to this predicament is the gym.

You might be on edge (or not) reading this article, the only thing keeping you in your seat are your tasks and nothing else. You might love or despise your work, indefatigable or just plain lazy, yet kicking off a good habit will set on you the right track. The following article captures the vernacular aspect of workouts and of proper eating, it is the result of my own experiences, which you might or might not agree with and you are totally entitled to buzz me with a suggestion concerning this content.

1- Don't workout thinking that you will lose weight, start with cleaning up your eating habits, stop sugar, it makes your insulin spike and slow down metabolism; your body will no longer burn as it should and you will be stuck doing inefficient mile upon inefficient mile on the treadmill. LESS SUGAR, yes! the less the better; in the absence of that white poison, you will shun insulin resistance and diabetes allowing your body to tap into its glucose stores for energy.

2- Manage your carbohydrates; meaning that you will have to organize and minimize your intake of sweet cereals, crackers, cakes, flours, jams, preserves, bread products, refined potato products, and sugary drinks if not stopping them altogether. Processed carbs are your worst enemy and will build up fat around your waist (if you're a guy) or your hips (if you're a girl/lady), hence altering your morphology. Opt for whole grain, sugar-free bread and cereals; one of my favorites is Quakers quick oats with some cinnamon and a dash of organic honey, in the morning. If you are a potato fan, ditch mainstream ones and choose sweet potatoes as their taste might seem sweeter, but their effect on your body is waaaaaay better than any other type. (Feel free to ask me for any other alternative in case you do not like any of the above.) One last advice before we move to the next point is to divide your meals into 6 smaller ones to keep your metabolism alert. This approach will let your stomach digest better, and shrink in size (now you do the math!).

3- Make it a habit to workout at least 30 min day merging cardio and weight-lifting. Ladies, do not shun weights, you will NOT bulk up and become masculine, on the contrary, your forms will become more defined, your muscles more toned and you will become stronger in way you have never experienced before. Think of building up some muscle to burn more fat as you are resting. Additionally, try the much-loved High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT), it will boost the fat burning process in your body and will increase your endurance. Give it a whirl, alternating between 1 minute of jogging and another of walking (briskly, not strolling) and feel the difference. And, Oh yes, how could I forget stretching! STRETCH, to avoid injury and allow your muscles and joints to relax and recover.

4- My last point would be to consider supplements to keep your muscles and joint in good shape. You can find plenty of really good products in the market that will have a great effect on your performance and recovery. Whey, protein bars, BCAA, etc. are all amazing if selected products have a balanced carbs/sugars/protein formula. Ask physicians and nutritionists for help, and you will see how all that flab will melt off and your beach body will emerge in the blink of an eye.

Remember that each body is different and that each body has it's own morphology, set out a plan with small steps, slow fat loss and sustainable results. Avoid fad diets and miracle products and most importantly, remember that there is no spot fat reduction; it is an overall process that will have you looking better from head to toe.

Have a great training!