Delving into abstract fields of color with hints of geometry, and even collage allow Lino Martinez to call into question the roots of visual art. The non-objective, non-representational language allows him to explore a forgotten reality of pictorial aesthetics.

True to his muralist beginnings, for which he spent countless hours toward beautifying a myriad of structures in his native Mexico, Martinez allows himself to become absorbed by his subjects within each rendering. Employing a meditative and reflective quality to art production. With his professional art practice, Martinez seeks to call attention to the often forgotten pensive presence of the artist during the moment of creation.

This introspective employment of concept formation allows Martinez to inform the viewer of a new reality so often obscured. By creating infinite realities, he invites the viewer to lose him or herself within each interpretation. Challenging each interaction to thus transcend the immediate reality and conceive of an alternative zone of introspection, and reflection.

Martinez creates a colorful meditative space, free of hostility, free of politics, free of conflict, free of the day-to-day negative interactions; an alternative space of pure and unadulterated pleasure that allows any intersectionality, to create a utopic state of being and transcend everyday exchanges if only for a minute.

By making monoprints Martinez himself simultaneously reflects on the history of his chosen medium and challenges contemporary observation. Thus Martinez’ geometric abstractions serve to form a new reality, one that allows his artwork to exist in the conceptual interaction of the past and the future.