A firm focus on quality, design and organic olive oil for the 2017 WOOE.

The World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) is primarily addressed to producing cooperatives and oil mills, which seek to open up new markets and exportation opportunities, as well as to the main purchasers of olive oil from around the world.

A key meeting point between professionals of the olive oil international trade. A business and promotion forum, to display the great quality and diversity of olive oils worldwide to major international importers.

The biggest international fair exclusively devoted to the olive oil sector. A tool in the service of olive oil producers with the aim of increasing their visibility, the number of business transactions and their companiesʼ profitability.

Internationalization as a key objective.To contribute to the stimulation of international olive oil trade and its profitability by encouraging relationships among producers and purchasers from main markets. To add value by increasing knowledge about the distinguishing features and the healthy traits of the different olive oilʼs types and varieties, as well as the olive oil possibilities of olive oil use and benefit. To open up new markets for olive oils.

To promote the health benefits of olive oil and its versatility in gastronomy. The 5th World Olive Oil Exhibition secured its place as the biggest international meeting for professionals of the olive oil industry.

120 oil mills and olive oil cooperatives and companies presented their olive oils to visitors, from 53 different countries, who had the opportunity of tasting more than 500 different types of olive oil from diverse Spanish regions, as well as other countries such as Tunisia, Greece, Australia and South Africa.

The 5th WOOE also showed a rising trend within international markets, which are increasingly opting for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the highest quality standard, as it is a natural juice extracted from olives which has an impeccable taste and aroma. The WOOE is firmly committed to this product, which is also highly sought-after by a large number of international purchasers who, this year, came from 53 different countries.In addition of being a strategic meeting for business revitalization, the World Olive Oil Exhibition has also secured its place as the key gourmet event that has different areas; in which the benefits and versatility of extra virgin olive oil are shown.