Flower Pepper Gallery is pleased to present Adventure Awaits by Yetis & Friends, a solo exhibition by Nana and Cody Williams. Inspired by folklore, zoology, 80’s fantasy films, and monsters, this team of talented artists gives life to creatures that had previously only existed in our imaginations. Ranging from cute and cuddly to creepy and sinister, the spectrum of their work is always growing and evolving. Their work reminds us of a time when the world was thought to have been full of magic and mystery and gives us license to be carried away by new adventures.

Throughout history, humankind has crafted stories of myth and legend to explain the world and personify all that exists around us. Before modern science, folklore was a way to understand nature, and was not only used as entertainment, but was often observed with reverence. Guardians were created as a recognition of all that we cannot see and understand and today they remind us of a time when dragons, yetis, and unicorns existed in the shadows, always hidden from sight. Nana and Cody Williams have taken this tradition and re-imagined it with their whimsical sculptures that delight the dreamer in all of us.

Each creature is unique with it’s own name and story, that then becomes legend for all who live and visit the household where they reside. Every detail is poured over and crafted with meticulous care, which adds to their lifelike personalities. Anyone who is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the friendly and illusive creatures of Yetis & Friends is sure to have a smile on their face and a new story in their hearts.