Mankind does not hold the strength with which builds its civilization

(M. Scaligero)

Combining history's narrative constructions with structural elements of the architectonics, Marcello Tedesco probes linguistic construction and finds out that it is the foundation core of civilization.

Focusing on the slightest elements of construction and narrative language, Tedesco recurs to primary archetypes to outline an alternative history, in which the linguistic artifacts that define the contingent reality are critically re-evaluated.

With the project “Lamed”, Tedesco presents a new series of works in which construction and demolition converge in the stream of life. The form, which in previous works was given as finished object, now opens to its possibilities to burgeon, extending through infinite dimension. The linear narration implodes becoming vibration involving the space entirely.

Tedesco exploits a shaping method that submits his works, once built, to a real process of demolition. This blasting force, wisely governed, disintegrates the concrete and bend the bars, until the works are taken to their skeletal evidence.

This process apparently so violent, appeals the thought fighting to reach its essence. An essence that disintegrates and removes any dialectical representation, to finally regain its original form, where the matter becomes essentially immaterial.

The vertical line of the column, typical element of Tedesco’s works and architectural paradigm as will opposed to the force of gravity, now sags in large scrolls that makes the architecture plain, amplifying it in an echo that expands giving body to emptiness.

The building components, iron rods, stone and cement conglomerate, float in space like abyssal animals, marked by corrosion processes and rust yielding, with its reddish color, highlights the effects of time.

The twist of lines that distinguish the new operate for Tedesco find correspondence in the lamed, the twelfth letter of the Hebrew alphabet that the Kabbalistic knowledge associates to the archetype of the measure that expands in space through teaching and learning. The letter lamed expresses confidence in the new possibilities of human experience, in which the man's building opens to the new dimensions of the spirit.

Text by Andrea Lacarpia