The new year of the Punto Sull'Arte Gallery will start with great exhibitions and a stunning calendar, almost exclusively characterised by solo exhibitions and devoted to well-known artists. The start will be on Saturday 14 January with the exhibition Forma mentis by Paola Ravasio, a local artist with an international attitude, hosted by the Gallery since its opening five years ago. Her sculptures, born from the great tradition of the Italian 20th Century and reimagined by the artist in the light of new materials (especially resin), are a wonderful fusion between abstraction and light figurative suggestions.

Created through a long and complex process – yet deriving from a deep genuine and instinctive inspiration the artist maintains from the first sketch until the last polishing – they mysteriously and enigmatically present to the audience in their embrace among soft lines, bends, biomorphic windings and geometric solids, sharp edges, wedges, sloping surfaces. The sensation aroused is the one of a perfect but dynamic balance, of staring at something completely new yet rooting inside ourselves and our past, something apparently static yet violently alive.

Paola Ravasio born in 1978 in Varese. After having attended the School of Arts Frattini in her city, she moved to Carrara where she learned to work with marble. Back in Varese, she continued and expanded her research at Pietro Scampini's atelier. She realized various solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Ticino, Switzerland and participated to many Art Fairs (Verona, Genoa, Bergamo and Strasbourg). In 2014 she won the first edition of the Premio Sangregorio. One of her bronze sculptures is located in the public gardens in Sondrio. She lives and works in Caronno Varesino, near Varese.