Brand New Gallery is pleased to present The Floating World, Ori Gersht’s second solo exhibition at the gallery.

The photographs that comprise Ori Gersht’s series Floating World were made in November 2015 on a visit that the artist made to the Zen gardens located in and around Kyoto in Japan. These gardens are self-contained worlds. They were created to reflect the essence of nature and as aids to meditation. Both real and metaphysical places, they are somewhere where time stands still.

Gersht chose to work in locations in the gardens where nature is reflected in water. During his post-production process he inverted his photographs and fused them to create new spaces that hover between material and virtual realities. The resulting prints are fundamentally dependent on something that exists in the physical world, but because of the melting together of tangible reality and its reflection, they are not literal depictions of it. The photograph becomes an image of the folding of space and time.

Ori Gersht has always been interested in different layers of time and experience; in what the camera can reveal and in what it can’t.