Villa del Arte Galleries is showing the latest work by the Venezuelan artist Fernando Adam (1955) in its main exhibition space in Barcelona. The exhibition “Present. Transit and destination” will be inaugurated on 26th February and open until 27th March 2013. The 26 works on display show the constant tension between interior and exterior, solid and fragile, absence and presence.

In the wide, empty spaces represented, absence liberates the imagination via an open window or a ladder alluding to the infinite. The invisible manifests its presence in the objects and places where humanity has left its mark, such as rooms, empty chairs and abandoned boats. The female faces, floating in layers of paint and paper seem to come to life under our gaze and the echo of words spoken hang in the air around closed lips.

The house is another important feature of the artist’s work, representing “ a place that contains life’s progression”. These are houses free from foundations, constructed or deconstructed, in constant transformation; houses that travel through dreamlike, timeless landscapes and that speak of contemporary mankind and its uncertainty. At the same time, the dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces, the harmony between the dimensions and meditative ambience suggest a door (or a window) through which to escape, in order to look inward to find our path in life, or simply to allow our nomadic fate to guide us.

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