Base Gallery is pleased to present "Landmark", a solo exhibition of new works by Kenichi Sawaki.

Kenichi Sawaki was born in Oita prefecture in 1949. Ever since finishing his graduate study at Tokyo University of the Arts (the former name: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) in 1977, he has continuously produced sculptures of landscape. The landscape he creates shows a considerable difference from the ones we are familiar with on a daily basis. What is produced by his hands is redly rusted landscape that is left behind the times and discarded in the end falling into a decay.

Although we, as human beings, as is the case with such landscape are destined for being devastated and decayed at some stage eventually, we pass off for the day by escaping this reality. The landscape he produces calmly reminds us of the indisputable providence and extends us the true nature of life with softening eyes.

After his first solo exhibition at Base Gallery in 2011, an extensive retrospective exhibition “Memory of Future” was held at Oita Art Museum attracting so much attention. The touring exhibition will be finally held at Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo in April 2013. While there are many artists who seem to tend to place emphasis on strategic and tactic aspect and snuggle against the current of the time, Sawaki has listened to his internal voice and produced artworks accordingly.

The artworks and overall exhibiting space result in the silence in ourself and induce deep intellection. This exhibition will be held simultaneously with “Memory of Future” at Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, introducing some new works in a way only the gallery space could do while interrelated with the exhibition at the museum.

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