Levis Fine Art presents an on-line show of outstanding abstractions created between 1945-1975 by two African American artists.

Toward the end of World War II, when Mid-Century Modernism informed American culture, societal influences gave rise to an artistic expression in an abstracted form, coined “Abstraction Expressionism”.

Widespread racial bias during this period restricted recognition of mastery of Abstract Expressionism to a small number of white male artists, (predominantly members of the New York School). At first, Isolated initiatives by a few dealers and museums to educate the public about equally compelling abstractionists amongst the African Americans met with a lukewarm response. Now it's a different story. Patience and persistence has paid off.

We are pleased to present a selection of abstract paintings by Beauford Delaney and Herbert Gentry, now recognized by leading scholars, museums and critics as true peers of the major members of the New York School. Their art they created 50 years ago has not changed. Awareness and understanding has.