Woodward Gallery presents Margaret Morrison in the 13 Street level windows at Kimmel Vitrines, NYU. Reliving her "playtime" world of imagination, Morrison observes from a naive perspective yet tantalizes the grown- ups with an undertone both scary and delightful at once.

Margaret Morrison loves considering life from a child’s point of view. Life becomes mysterious and magical all over again. Bold color and drama fabulously intermingle with live action as Morrison’s Barbie dolls are caught in an intimate moment, Fisher Price wooden people ascend a ladder to a rolling Trojan Horse, or a rotary phone seemingly moves with menacing eyes. Morrison’s paintings emphasize the artist’s particular ability to evoke a story from a single still life. We are treated to familiar images we had enjoyed as children.

Their presence is huge in perspective and provocative as they once dominated our imagination when we were small. Morrison’s characters now are set in their own play while we, as the eager participant, enter the game anew cast with adult experience. This not-to-be-missed exhibit has Margaret Morrison amusing our senses, emotions and memories of "playtime". She provides the revitalizing spark our imagination needs today to dance and sing unabashedly once more.