Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Paris is pleased to announce the Spanish artist Nacho Carbonell and his solo exhibition ‘Forest’ in the Marais space this upcoming fall.

After the solo exhibition’s success last year in London, the gallery will be showcasing a selection of Carbonell’s lamp sculptures from his ‘Cocoon’ series including new works such as his ‘Floor Lamp Concrete Base’ range in central Paris. Created in collaboration with the gallery and produced using a unique form of plaster invented by the artist, the works incorporate sand and textile hardener which is then set around a steel frame.

Each design skilfully handcrafted, the ‘Cocoon’ lamp series includes only unique pieces. The works are comprised of organic-shaped, semi-transparent cocoons varied in form, fitted to a loosely structured sand-coloured mesh, illuminated from the inside so that the light diffuses through producing a natural warm glow.

Each one different from the other by varying in colours, shape and size, the series includes several floor lamps as well as four hybrid works called ‘Table Cocoons’. These pieces act as both lamps as well as tables encapsulating the imaginative and playful essence of Nacho Carbonell.

New pieces such as the ‘Floor Lamp Concrete Base’ series suite, are made in the same style with his signature rough finished texture and organic-shaped silhouettes.

What immediately stands out are the immense sizes, encompassing several lights attached to steel ‘branches’ expanding over an impressive height of over 2 meters (6,5 feet).