Williams McCall Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Warhol and Katz, featuring limited edition prints by two masters of the quintessential American art movement known as Pop Art. Kicking off with an opening reception that is open to the public on Saturday, January 9th at 6 pm, the exhibit will run until February 10th. The show is curated by Debbie Carfagno, an artist who worked as a master printer for Andy Warhol for 9 years and is recognized as an authority on Warhol, Katz and other blue chip contemporary artists.

There are similarities and differences between these two artists, as both have found a unique way to hone a style of art sprung from the everyday. Warhol was a voyeur who looked clearly at the icons of his time, transfixing them in our minds with his version of their images. His subjects weren't personal; even his self-portraits were elusive. His detachment allows the viewer to attach themselves to his subjects, therefore making them universal.

On the other hand, Katz, who is actively working at 89, depicts the most personal people in his life including his wife Ada, relatives and muses. Through his large minded, unguarded approach, their images also become elevated into a universal language. As evidenced in this exhibit, Warhol and Katz share the ability through painterly virtuosity and strong design to create a lasting monument to the original American movement called Pop Art.