The focal point of the exhibition is an idea, or rather, the condition of inner study, of reconsideration; a concurrent quest.

We would not consider the nature of the participating artists to be “radical”, having that their work does not express an aggressive flee towards an undefined state of advancement. The new and older generation artists, meet at a crossroad of a historic quest, within an ambiguous and unstable terrain: do we stay or do we leave? here or anywhere? are we ourselves, or an other?

Perhaps the answer lies beyond us- in any case ambiguity cannot be avoided. It is precisely this element of instability and elusiveness that formulates our character. We identified those relapsing behaviors that ignite this state of ambiguity. Recurrent elements of inherit practices and traditions (ie. frame, sketch, and other “local” traits); direct confrontation, (dematerialisation, dislocation, nomadism, migration), concurrent use of historical references and narratives, of identity and memory (photos, monuments, personal myths and documentation) and their methodological re-association of this information that leads to undermining and subversion. This symptom of restlessness is a hybrid emotional condition that emerges in times of transition; moves that strive to re establish balance as the earth collapses beneath our feet. Yet this exhibition does not revolve around the evident concept of “art during the crisis.”

That which grasps the reflective nature of these thoughts is not the desire to overcome differences and contradictions, as prior achievements would masterfully compensate for mal practice, neither to make a blind leap of faith. Rather they seek to establish themselves in the crisis. The crisis is recognized as a terrain, not as exile. As a shelter and not as a social or communal ostracism.

In this sense, that which defines the exhibition is the concept of settlement and establishment within conditions of instability – within the vital element of ground.

Curated by: Sofia Galanou, Takis Kaldis

Participants: Kostas Bassanos, Sofia Galanou, Takis Kaldis, Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos, Nina Papakonstantinou, Giannis Sinioroglou, Stefania Strouza, Pavlos Tsakonas