Human space (public space in particular) is defined by a universal dialectic: between content and voidness, intention and chance, meaning and the absence of it, history and oblivion. What happens, then, if this peculiar homeostasis gets somehow disrupted and objects suddenly become strange and solitary entities losing the integral "connection" they once had with their original purpose, design, use and environment? What happens when this itemization becomes wider? What is the effect of that disjunction on the new "ecosystem" resulting from those new deregulated presences? These are some of the questions Christos Chrissopoulos investigates in his latest work DISJUNCTION/ Wanderer Consciousness exhibited at the ARTWALL Project Space from June 23rd to July 18th 2015. Grids of photographs focusing on individual objects, an incomplete map of downtown Athens and nine videos in which the still image gets entangled in the flow of time and language, create an environment of open-ended queries.

Concurrently with the exhibition, Christos Chrissopoulos releases his new book: "Wanderer Consciousness" (Okto Publications), a collection of texts and images (some of them appearing in the exhibition) approaching the questions of how human subjects associate with their deregulated contemporary reality, what kind of consciousness is the city wanderer developing, and how can the artist himself reflect upon his own perception. The coexistence of the installation and the book within the gallery space, transform Christos Chrissopoulos' work into an open-ended archive of concepts, images and language.

Christos Chrissopoulos (1968) has published 14 books and has engaged with different kinds of literature (fiction, essay, chronicle), with theory and photography. He has been awarded with an Athens Academy Award (2008) and the French awards Prix Laure Bataillon (2014) and Prix Ravachol (2013). He is a member of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP) and the European Society of Authors (SEUA), as well as an Iowa Writer's Program fellow (IWP). In 2014, the French-German channel ARTE did a featurette on him. He has collaborated with many performers and artists in Greece and especially abroad. He has also given lectures and participated in many of festivals across Europe and the US. His books have been translated into twelve languages.