"This exhibition is one of a series of curated shows. It will feature the work of artists who are concerned with the re-use and reanimation of existent (often devalued or discarded) cultural material." - Paul Scott, curator

Artists include Michael Brennand-Wood, Neil Brownsword, David Clarke, Robert Dawson, Bouke de Vries, Steve Dixon, Amy Douglas, Jenni Dutton, Matthew Harris, Bridget Harvey, Charlotte Hodes, Gitte Jungersen, Carol McNicoll, Livia Marin, Irene Nordli, Caroline Slotte, Linda Sormin, Hans Stofer & Jacy Wall.

Plus a complementary selection of Paul’s students work from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), Norway featuring Hans Adell, Ida Olesdatter Barland, Ragnhild Prestholt, Lissette Escobar, Tatiana Muñoz Melo & Anita Hanch-Hansen Fjeldhaug.

Paul Scott will give our Annual Gardner-Medwin Lecture on Thursday 22nd October 2015, from 2.30 – 4.30pm.