This exhibition will feature leading artists working in wood, willow and natural fibres.

Many of the artists featured employ traditional wood turning techniques which are pushed to the limits to produce sculptural, contemporary vessels and forms. All talk about their love of wood and natural forms.

Exhibitors include Anthony Bryant, Lizzie Farey, Eleanor Lakelin, Malcolm Martin & Gaynor Dowling, Pascal Oudet, Wycliffe Stutchbury and Kazuhito Takadoi.

Lizzie Farey makes contemporary sculptural baskets inspired by the shapes and forms in nature. Some of the work is functional; bowls and vases woven using a random interlacing technique, which she has developed over many years.

Wycliffe Stutchbury’s delicate landscapes are studies in texture, colour and process. Each piece is constructed in discarded, found or forgotten timber sourced from one location, that place providing the title for the work.

Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling will be showing new pieces from the 'Bend' series, begun in Philadelphia in 2013 on their residency at The Center for Art in Wood. The 'Bends' use the flexibility and tensile properties of commercial ply-board as the basis for vessel forms. A single sheet of board cut to shape is bent into a curve and stitched together at the edges.