The Eagle Gallery is delighted to announce our first solo exhibition with the distinguished abstract painter Trevor Sutton. Time of Day focuses on paintings and works on paper made over the last two years, following residencies in County Mayo, Ireland and Alayrac, France.

Sutton’s work has consistently explored the subtle beauties of minimalist abstraction. His paintings investigate the inherent elegance and order found within systems of geometry, yet they are neither cold, nor strictly formal images. As the colours and strata of observed landscapes are filtered into his subtly modulated grids and diptychs, the ultimate charge of these images is one of deep emotion.

As Peter Jenkins notes in his catalogue text for the exhibition: 'The grids take up the conceptual methodologies and intellectual constructs of geometry and mathematical proportional systems, but are not imposed without a conscious rediscovery of their origination in perceptual experience.' Sutton's work invites one in to a close observation of the painted object, and elicits responses that are complex and contemplative.