Some of My Colours takes its title from a small panel painting by the Irish artist Fionna Murray that is dedicated to the painter Norman Schwontkowski. Responding to the direct simplicity of Schwontkowski's description of a painting, the exhibition presents works by four painters and a sculptor that offer individual approaches to the idea of ‘re-inhabiting’ place or space.

Simon Burton’s image of a man holding a divining rod suggests a trope of vision. For an artist the making of a painting can be a way of seeing - of re-constructing past forms into new things.

Nick Carrick and Fionna Murray re-visit memories of place in their gentle, semi-abstract images of abandoned playgrounds, climbing frames or shabby TV rental shops.

Denise de Cordova’s un-joined female twins make reference to classical sculpture, and project both defiance and vulnerability.

The delicate, sculpted torsos are at odds with their heavy bulbous bases, yet for all their seeming fragility they occupy space decisively.

James Fisher's paintings allude to the forgotten lives of notable women and are constructed as palimpsests. Within the outlines of female profiles the images are knitted together with geometric pattern. The two-dimensional canvas becomes an arena for imaginative plays with three-dimensional volume and space.