For millennia, mankind has been fascinated with miniatures and examples can be found in art museums throughout the world. From the small representations of everyday life that were buried with the Egyptians to medieval pocket‐sized illuminated devotionals, humans have been fascinated by the minute and diminutive. Small‐scale objects intrigue people because they require more of our attention and imagination than we are used to giving. Why would someone make this, how does someone make this, and finally, how are we expected to interact with these objects?

The Miniature will feature the work of ten artists and artisans who create miniature work in a variety of media. Some of the artists make true miniatures: exact replicas of historical instruments or furniture, while others make models and miniature worlds of their own design. Many artists and craftspeople making works in miniature today display a compulsive motivation and an obsessive attention to detail. These artists must make unique tools to create their work, and the process of designing and constructing the tools to make these works is often as inventive as the finished pieces.

A series of lectures and demonstrations by the artists will be presented throughout the course of the show. These presentations will demonstrate some of the techniques the artists employ in conceiving and making their work.

Exhibiting Artists: Matthew Albanese, Joe Fig, Nell Corkin, Mark Murphy, Althea Crome, Wm. R. Robertson,Blane de St. Croix, Lee‐Ann Chellis Wessel, Thomas Doyle, Michael Yurkovic